HS2 Update July 2018


The construction of the High-Speed rail line HS2 is about to commence. As the route passes close to Greatworth, we will be seeing significant activity in the near future. There are 3 main parties involved in the construction:

  • HS2 Ltd: Appointed by the government to manage the project
  • Fusion: Appointed to do the enabling works i.e. to do any preparatory works prior to the construction
  • Eiffage- Kier (E-K): A joint venture consortium appointed to construct the route. Carillion were originally part of the consortium, but have gone into liquidation and are no longer involved

Fusion have already undertaken some enabling works related to conservation. However, from August 2018 they will commence to fence off acquired land, remove some hedgerows and undertake the temporary realignment of the B4525 (Welsh Lane) at Greatworth and also modify the junction between the B4525 and Sulgrave Road (known as the Dump Road).There will be traffic management systems in place during this work.

The parish council have fought long and hard for a roundabout at the B4525 – Sulgrave Road junction, but have been informed by HS2 Ltd, Fusion and NCC Highways that a roundabout is not necessary. We have grave concerns regarding the safety of vehicles and passengers turning right at this junction while Helmdon Road is closed. Helmdon road is due to be closed for 2.5 – 3 years while the green tunnel is being constructed, so vehicles heading east towards the A43, will have to turn right join the B4525 at the Sulgrave Road junction. We are still fighting for an improvement in the proposed junction design, including a reduced speed limit.

Ever since the announcement of the route for HS2 in 2010, it has been clear that Greatworth will be severely affected by the construction of the railway. The construction is expected to last 5 years and there will be a construction camp located at the top end of Helmdon Road. There will be a significant increase in HGV and LGV construction vehicle movements along the B4525, A43 and A422 during construction and details of exact routes and numbers of vehicles are expected to be announced in November 2018.

Residents are requested to pass any complaints directly to HS2 Ltd, but please also keep the parish council informed as we hope to coordinate and support any complaints.

Greatworth parish council have been sending councillors to the HS2 Liaison Group meetings hosted by SNC at Towcester since 2011. The HS2 Liaison Group consists of representatives from NCC, SNC and parish councils affected by HS2 and they meet with HS2 representatives and more recently Fusion and Eiffage-Kier representatives. Copies of the minutes of recent meetings are on the parish council website.

In addition, Greatworth parish council have been having our own meetings with HS2 Ltd, Fusion and E-K to seek assurances on compensation, mitigation and other issues to minimise the impact of HS2 construction on the parish.


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